Connecting needs with solutions

CC&L Investment Management is a global institutional money manager based in Vancouver, Canada.

Since 1982, our strong, stable team of investment professionals has been providing investment management services to institutional clients. We manage a broad range of investment solutions that span traditional asset classes, such as Canadian and foreign equities and fixed income and balanced, as well as alternative strategies, such as portable alpha, market neutral and absolute return strategies.

Using our extensive in-house research capabilities, our experienced investment teams are able to select the best opportunities for investment.


We apply a disciplined approach to investing that focuses on opportunities to
maximize return while prudently managing risk within client portfolios.


Proud to be considered a leader in product development, we have
developed several innovative products with the objective of increasing
portfolio returns without a substantial increase in risk. These include
equity extension (130/30), market neutral and portable alpha solutions
across a number of products and markets.



CC&L Investment Management Ltd.
September 8th, 2022