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CC&L Group Balanced

Investment objective

  • Generate returns equal to the return of the benchmark, 25% S&P/TSX Capped Composite Index + 35% MSCI ACWI Index (CAD) (net) + 40% FTSE Canada Universe Bond Index, plus 1% per annum over a market cycle.
  • Maximize long-term total return while prudently managing investment risk relative to the benchmark.


  • Actively managed, diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds and cash.
  • Combination of fundamental and quantitative bottom-up security selection.
  • Disciplined proprietary risk process.
  • Deep, stable teams with long track records.
  • ESG considerations integrated into the strategy.

Investment philosophy

  • Valuations underpin financial market pricing over longer-term time horizons.
  • The asset mix investment decision-making process is fundamental and intuitive in nature.
  • Active asset allocation adds value.
  • A structured and methodical approach to research will lead to better insights.

Investment process

  • Tactical asset allocation: Active asset allocation is an incremental source of added value to the overall portfolio along with alpha generation from fixed income, Canadian equities, global equities and alternative strategies.
  • Disciplined, conservative process: Views on the cyclical environment create an investment thesis that outlines what is expected from financial markets over the forecast horizon and serve as the basis for the forecasting, risk allocation and portfolio construction.
  • Importance of research: Research is undertaken to establish insights for current and future capital market conditions and is the foundation supporting a forecast.
  • Risk management: Active risks and their comparisons against risk parameters (i.e. constraints) are incorporated into the asset mix process.

Portfolio construction & risk management

  • Portfolio asset mix weights reflect the forecasts and level of conviction for each forecast.
  • Transaction costs are incorporated into the investment decision in establishing best return/risk trade-off.
  • Each asset class component is managed by a team of specialists.
  • Risk budgeting, the identification and quantification of desired active risks, is assessed at the strategy level and at the total portfolio level.

Our fixed income strategies

Investment Objectives Disclosure


The strategy’s investment objectives are targets only. There is no guarantee that the investment
objectives will be achieved. In determining the strategy’s return, risk, added value or tracking
error investment objectives, CC&L may consider the strategy’s performance during historical
periods, the level of estimated risk over a market cycle as well as the parameters used in
the strategy’s portfolio construction process.

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