CC&L Group Canadian
Q Growth

Investment objective

  • Generate returns equal to the return of the benchmark, S&P/TSX Capped Composite Index, plus 2% per annum over a market cycle.
  • Maximize long-term total return while prudently managing investment risk relative to the benchmark.


  • Diversified Canadian equity exposure managed within a proprietary quantitative return, risk and portfolio construction framework.
  • Fully integrated global model employing systematic evaluation of countries, industries and stocks using a broad array of fundamental indicators.
  • Universe covering approximately 18,000 stocks spanning 23 developed and 27 emerging markets.
  • ESG considerations integrated into the strategy.

Investment philosophy

  • A portfolio of companies exhibiting steady growth and attractive valuation is expected to deliver strong investment returns over the long term.
  • The investment process must be rigorous, objective and applied with consistency and discipline.
  • Research must be driven by a strong synergistic relationship between three key elements: investment fundamentals, quantitative theory and empirical evidence.

Investment process

  • Continuous quantitative evaluation of fundamentals across stocks, industries and countries.
  • Proprietary return forecasts assess investment fundamentals and the opportunities created when these fundamentals change.
  • Proprietary risk model assesses systematic influences and stock-specific characteristics and events.
  • Portfolio construction seeks to optimize risk and return with consideration of transaction costs.
  • Daily evaluation and portfolio rebalancing ensures portfolios respond to new fundamental and pricing information on a timely basis.
  • Strict position limits.

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Investment Objectives Disclosure


The Strategy’s investment objectives are targets only. Actual performance may differ materially,
including due to market or economic factors, portfolio management decisions, modelling error,
or other reasons. In determining the added value targets, CC&L may consider the Strategy’s performance
during historical periods, the level of estimated risk over a market cycle as well as the parameters used in
the Strategy’s portfolio construction process.

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